Every student in his/ her academic life is supposed to write assignments. This is because; it enhances their learning capabilities, increases their knowledge of the concepts, develops a clear mind, increases their creativity, enable them to learn the management of time and much more. The assignment writing is a form of writing that is playing a pivotal role in the acquisition of their academic degree. The assignments are required to be written for every subject at the end of every semester.

A project is termed as a set of activities that are performed together and is organized in such a way, to achieve a required objective. The time limit of a project ranges from a few days to a few years. This depends upon the amount of work involved in the project. The principles of project management ensure that there is an effective implementation of the project. It is helpful in implementing plans, organizing activities and analyzing the situation in such a way that it is possible to form effective implementation of the scheme of the project.  The success of a project depends on its management as well as detailed study of its organization and its characteristic features.

The students pursuing management courses or MBA have to complete project management assignment. The project management assignment is given to the students, to make them understand the concept of the project management in detail. The project management is referred to as the skills for using a set of tools, application of knowledge along with the techniques required to meet the needs of a project. Several methodologies are meant for completion of an assignment of project management:

  • Lean project management
  • Agile project management
  • Critical chain project management
  • Event chain methodology
  • Benefits realization management and much

The lifecycle of a project provides the students with guidance about the fundamental and basic steps of project management.

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